Convenience May Be the Silent Destroyer of Good Health

The human body is a resilient and intelligent machine. Under optimal conditions it contains the capacity for reproduction, innovation, compassion, love, and particularly repair. Of all these natural wonders, none is more important than the body’s innate ability to repair. A body in dis-repair diminishes its capacity to reproduce; its aptitude for innovation is slow, its behaviors are challenging, and it suppresses its facility to render, and to respond ideally to compassion and love. In order to return to optimal health, our bodies require proper nutrition, exercise, and a balanced environment void of harmful chemical influences to facilitate such repair. Diet is a personal choice, and is driven by varying appetites. There are things we have chosen ‘to eat’ that are not good for us, and things we have chosen ‘not to eat’ that are actually good for us. Now enters our love for convenience and its crippling influence over the choices we make.

Convenience manipulates our everyday choices exerting control over our economics, recreation, education, sanitation, and personal hygiene. Convenience is the invisible threat that has conditioned generations. As children we ate things quickly that tasted good, but were not necessarily beneficial for human health. Conversely, convenience urged our parents to reward our good behavior with sugary treats, Bad behavior was sometimes punished with ‘healthy’ vegetables. Convenience drew our evening baths with bubbles courtesy the dishwashing liquid from the kitchen or the laundry detergent from the washroom replete with harmful chemicals that entered our bloodstream through our skin. As kids in order to get back to our fun, we quickly ate the meat on the dinner plate, and fed the spinach to the dog, while leaping for joy over the sugary processed treat that was dessert. In school, we traded apples for candy, bottled water for soda pop. Most times, dinner was the convenient fast food meals from the giants who gave us toys, and meal deals to keep us coming back. As a result, we are conditioned to shun those foods that promote good health, and pursue those foods that slowly drain our bodies of its essence. This convenience produced adults who give little thought to what they eat or apply to their skin and the adverse impact it could have on your health.

Everything chewed is not food, and everything that cleans is not without contamination. We are nutrient starved people, being chased by a chemically driven economy with an end-result that is not yet clear. But the shadow over the horizon reveals a chronically ill generation with no real answers outside of a pill bottle. Chronic illness, degenerative diseases, access to lots of so called food, and bodies that clearly demonstrate we are starving to death. Who is responsible for this madness? Is it the consumer who drives the market with desire, or is it the market who drives the consumer through an endless array of —-choices. Can I drink it, juice it, or break open the capsules. Can I take it with water, juice, or tea?

Nature has provided an endless array of plants that can function to tantalize your taste buds, while optimizing your health. If I asked what you should eat to reverse diabetes could you respond with more than five plants? What about high blood pressure, or certain cancers. Grandma had the right idea, and scientist have proven her remedies beneficial, but you have to know for certain what the plant/foods are good for. Your journey to better health begins here!

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