Maintaining kidney health is necessary for good overall health…

Your kidneys play a key role in cleansing your body. When kidneys are not functioning optimally they cannot clean your blood as they should. You can give your kidneys a little boost by drinking lots of ‘good’ water, because dehydration increases your risk for kidney complications. Good water is now defined as water from a good filtration system, purified, and/or alkaline. Drinking ‘good’ water is a kidney’s powerhouse for good health. Drinking ‘good water’ has an important role in good urinary tract health. The urinary tract transports substances not required by the body and expels them from the body in the form of urine. In addition, minerals such as sodium, phosphorus, and potassium help the kidneys maintain electrolyte and body fluids.

Our kidneys also play a significant part in keeping your blood pressure in a healthy range. Blood pressure frequently outside of healthy ranges can affect overall kidney health and can eventually damage the kidneys. Further, the added salt many of us tend to pour over our meals can increase your risk for kidney stones. Excess salt tends to force calcium into your kidneys rather than your bones, where it should be. Consider the foods below to support the health of your kidney, so they are better able to do their job, which in turn can help keep you in good health.

* Cucumber help kidneys & urinary bladder disease. They are a known natural diuretic, helping to secrete and promoting urine flow. Cucumbers are beneficial to eliminate toxic waste from the body, as well as having an ability to dissolve kidney stones.

* Beet Root is one of the most powerful cleansing and blood beneficial juices available. It has potent kidney and blood‐-cleansing properties.

* Radishes are diuretic and are valuable for cleaning the kidneys and bladder. They are high in potassium and are therefore beneficial in regulating blood pressure. A decrease of sodium and an increased intake of potassium, calcium, and magnesium has an excellent blood pressure lowering effect.

* Asparagus is a strong cleanser especially for the kidneys and bladder. The diuretic and alkaline properties of asparagus help prevent & dissolve kidney stones. It break up oxalic acid crystals formed in the kidney.

* Parsley juice is good for the kidneys, bladder, and urethra. Together these are a powerful kidney cleanse. One of the important health benefits of parsley is its benefit for healthy functioning kidneys. It aids the excretion of sodium and water, thereby preventing the retention of water and salt in the body and the constriction of blood vessels. Parsley is also beneficial to strengthen the urinary bladder and aid in the prevention of kidney stones.

The following are some juice recipes you may wish to consider that incorporate the above ingredients to support good kidney health. Here’s to your GOOD health!!

Drink Option #1:


1 Large Cucumber

1 medium Lemon

½ Beet Root

1 Apple

Instructions: Start by juicing half the cucumber, followed by the beet, and then the lemon. Finally, juice the other half of the cucumber. Stir and enjoy.

Drink Option#2:


5 Small Radishes

5 Stalks of Asparagus

1 Cup of Parsley

1/2 Lemon

2 Apples

Instructions: Juice all of the content into a glass, stir and enjoy.


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